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Smart solutions for problems you may often encounter as a traveller. A red rescue dog completely at your service, 24/7 and worldwide, ready to offer fast, safe and foremost practical aid. That is redDog. Welcome to Travel Support.

Use the coded redDog stickers & labels for your luggage, your passport, keys, wallet or mobile phone. If you happen to lose
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something while travelling, redDog will safely return your property worldwide. Even by courrier if necessary. 24/7.
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An emergency? redDog provides (para)medics your medical files safely and securely and immediately alerts your next of kin and insurance company.
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Ideal for holidays or a day at the beach. Lost kids always have a safety line to mum, dad AND the babysitter.
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Adventurous pets now have a safety line directly to you, the owner. With PetRescue they can wander off safely.
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When your holiday destination suddenly becomes less safe, redDog will immediately warn you by sending a text message. Make sure you know it soon!
Visit the redDog Alert Service

Lost your car keys during holidays or while on a business trip? redDog brings you your spare set of keys within 4-12 hours.
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Lost your travel documents? redDog keeps copies of your most important documents securely on-line and even ships them to you, worldwide.
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