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About kidSOS

A Safer way to get lost
redDog has developed a new smart service for little children during holidays and short trips: kidSOS. You can receive a call if your little adventurer has been found. But here's the deal: if for some reason you do not answer your mobile phone, kidSOS will automatically call your partner. Or the nanny. Or grandma. It could be that your mobile phone has no coverage or is low on batteries or there's too much noise or... kidSOS offers the service that someone will always be reached.

Always within reach
No need any more to write down your phone number all over your kid's arm or tinker with a throwaway wristband. With the kidSOS wristband and sticker you can register who needs to be called in case of emergency, and in what order. The caller is automatically put through in the order that you prefer. And you can change all the contact details as often as you like for free. You even get a text message with the telephone number of the caller who tried to call you. kidSOS is especially well suited for holidays abroad as it speaks 5 languages (English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish).

kidSOS polsbandje     kidSOS helmsticker     kidSOS carabiner

The ideal wristband for kids, with improved closing!
The metal plate on the wristband displays the phone number of the kidSOS emergency line and the unique ID code. The red wristband is 21 cm (8.2 inch) long and 1,4 cm (0.5 inch) wide. The wristband has an improved, unique solid double ring closure. The extra lockstrap ensures that your little adventurer cannot easily open the wristband by itself. Furthermore, the wristband has a reflective strip for extra visibility at night. Of course, kidSOS products are very child friendly, hypo allergenic, washable and infinitely reusable.

Special helmet sticker for kids!
It's always a challenge to keep a good overview on crowded slopes. Both for you and for the ski instructor. That's why kidSOS has developed the special helmet sticker. By the way, did you know that for example, in Austria ski helmets are mandatory for kids? The helmet sticker has the same functions as the kidSOS wristband. Read more.

New: kidSOS dog tag!
The unique kidSOS dogtag is ideal for use on clothing, such as swimwear or a backpack. Designed for a perfect peace of mind in the event your child is not wearing the wristband.

Request information online
Still, there's a small chance that for some reason none of the contacts can be reached. In that case, kidSOS offers the feature og having relevant information available online, only using the code on the wristband and sticker. Think about allergies, medicine use or the phone number of your holiday resort. A lifeguard or ski instructor, for instance, can easily request this information online.

One year free service
The kidSOS wristband and sticker come with a 1 year subscription. You will be notified in time when the service needs to be renewed (€ 5,- per year per product). In the meantime, you can always update and change your contact details as often as you like on-line or by calling +31(0)088-7776668

Want to know more?
Any further questions? Please check our help section first. If it's not listed then feel free to send us a message at: info@kidSOS.nl. We will answer your question within 24 hours on working days.